The North Routt Snow Riders club is a member of the Colorado Snowmobile Association (CSA). To join the club, you also join CSA , which provides additional benefits and insurance related to motorized snowmobiling in colorado.

 ‚ÄčAs a member of the club, you will be helping to provide enjoyable access to the many winter activities in North Routt County, Colorado…as well as supporting snowmobiling access for the state of Colorado.

There are two paths for joining.

  • Join – create your CSA membership, as well as “adding our club” to your membership portfolio
  • Renew – for current members of the club OR the Colorado Snowmobile Association

If you are unsure if you need to renew or “join new” … try to renew first!

Please note: the club name has been changed from Steamboat Lake Snow Club, to North Routt Snow Riders. If you were a member of the Steamboat Lake Snow Club, you have automatically been assigned to the new club name.

Regardless of your current status, you will need to “add”, from District 2, the North Routt Snowriders (aka Steamboat Lake) – Clark club to your cart.

Screen shots for “add club” …

Screen shot for select club “North Routt Snow Riders” in District 2